Below is the lore and history of the Grand Imperial Order in Star Wars: The Old Republic.

The BeginningEdit

Before the beginning of time, there was a war like no other. This war took place between Order and Chaos. Kwagar Ocata was born the third son of the King of Death. He was the third prince behind his eldest brother, Morderis Ocata, and his second older brother, Aqueron Ocata. Kwagar was trained in both politics and military strategy. He befriended other immortal beings such as Loki the Trickster and Korda the Blademaster. Together they formed The Brothers of Chaos. From their Kwagar began building a following, and forming his own military to conquer his father's realm and defeat his father. Years later Kwagar declared war on his father. The two fought for days on end, losing blasts of pure energy and fighting at close-hand combat with any weapon they had available. Kwagar became victorious and killed his father in cooled blood becoming King of Death.

From that day, Kwagar turned his father's weak Kingdom of Death and turned it into a powerful empire through which conquered countless realms. One of these realms was the realm of Chaos where once Kwagar and his forces conquered it, he formed a unhindered peace with the forces of Order from that day on. Soon after the peace was formed, Kwagar decided to expand his great empire's borders to the realm of the mortals.


Morderis, Aqueron, and Kwagar sought to create reform to the waring factions of the Sith Empire and Galactic Republic. Kwagar was eternally bound to his body while his brothers' souls were bound to the bodies of mortals. Morderis took on the body of Raxerus Leviathan while Aqueron took on the body of Scythiko Dreadheart. Their story begins, and so it goes.

A Reputation AquiredEdit

Not much is known about the early life of Kwagar in the era of Sith power. His very existence was only first recorded on Korriban. He a student of the Sith among many other acolytes at the Sith Academy, including Scythiko Dreadheart and Raxerus Leviathan. Kwagar was no like most Sith, however. He had a unique perspective on the Force. Kwagar saw the Force as one unity. Not as matter of Dark or Light, but Gray. He thought that balance within the Force was a power unmatched by no other. Kwagar shared this trait with Scythiko, one of his fellow acolytes. The two quickly spread their ideals to Kwagar's friend and Scythiko's brother, Raxerus. Members of the Dark Council were puzzled with this. Some of them became furious for embracing any idea of the Light Side of the Force. Darth Thalita was summoned due to the mayhem. Kwagar spoke to the darth as if they were equals. It is not often that the power of a Sith Lord is challenged by a mere acolyte. Kwagar's infamous reputation within the Sith Empire had already begun.