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Strongholds are fully customizable apartments that can be purchased by players and decorated to a player's liking. Bound to legacy upon purchase, strongholds can be accessed by anyone in the same legacy, even characters that belong to the opposite faction (depending on the stronghold). Stronghold listings are available for four planets across all servers: Coruscant, Dromund Kaas, Nar Shaddaa and Tatooine. With the latest update Yavin IV is also able to be unlocked.

Strongholds can be purchased for personal creativity or can be obtained and customized by a guild for a much higher price. This format is similar to guild flagships.

Purchasing a stronghold can happen in two different ways:

  1. Travel to Carrick Station/Vaiken Spacedock and find the terminals in the Strongholds/Crew Skills section
  2. Travel to the planet of choice and locate the terminal
  • Coruscant - Senate Plaza Marketplace underneath the Senate Plaza, terminals located on either side
  • Dromund Kaas - Kaas City Marketplace, either side of main walkway
  • Nar Shaddaa - Two terminals located on Republic and Imperial sections of the Lower Promenade
  • Tatooine - Just inside the spaceport (both factions)
  • Yavin IV - Insert

Strongholds and the GIO Edit


Strongholds of the Grand Imperial Order
Stronghold Stronghold "Name" Owner

GIO Purpose

GIO Commander
Guild Flagship Midnight Avenger V Kwagar Ocata

Grand Imperial Order (Swtor Guild)

Flagship of the Grand Imperial Order

Personal Flagship of Emperor Kwagar Ocata

Kwagar Ocata


Guild Stronhold

Dromund Kaas

Kwagar Ocata

Grand Imperial Order (Swtor Guild)

Nar Shaddaa Kwagar Ocata Personal Home of Emperor Kwagar Ocata Kwagar Ocata
Dromund Kaas Kwagar Ocata Kwagar Ocata
Coruscant Kwagar Ocata Kwagar Ocata