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The Cult of Shadows is a campaign created by Andrew Palmer for the Star Wars Role Playing Games Edge of the Empire, Force and Destiny, and Age of Rebellion.

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  • Characters
    • Players
      • Valen Audel [Elijah Brown] - Droid (Other Model) Ace/Pilot
      • Xerxes [Rafael] - Human Explorer/Archaeologist
      • Altorus [Sky Johnson] - Human Bounty Hunter/Assassin
      • Cato [Chad] - Human Soldier/Sharpshooter
    • Galactic Empire
      • The Cult of Shadows
        • The Warlord
        • The Huntsman
      • The Empire
    • Rebellion to Restore the Galactic Republic
      • Rebels
        • Rebel Contact
    • Criminals
    • Unknown
      • MK-13 - Droid Hive-Mind encounted on Geonosis
  • Weapons
  • Ships
  • Locations

The Story so far... Edit

The Story so Far...

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Tatoonie Edit

Our story begins where Valen Audel [Elijah Brown] and Xerxes [Rafael] come out of hyperspace over the planet of Tatoonie. To their surprise they find a Imperial Class Star Destroyer in orbit with plenty of ships flying to and from the planet. They avoid the Empire and make their way to Mos Espa.

Meanwhile our other two brave heros were on Tatoonie for "business". Due to them not knowing where their target was, so they decided to spend some time in the cantina while a sandstorm built up. During the sandstorm our heros first encountered one another as Valen tells a tall about the true death of Grand Moff Tarkin after some imperial propaganda played. Soon they team up and head towards a flash of light they saw and heard rumors about.

While traveling to the light they discover a destroyed village and are attacked by more then usual aggressive tusken raiders. Shortly after the Empire force-ably escorts them away as a shuttle lands at the village.

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