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Samuel Darkwalker
Biographical Information
Home Realm/World Europe
Age 21
Physical Information
Species Human
Gender Male
Height 6'1
Weight 150
Hair Color Medium Brown
Eye Color Green
Skin Color Caucasian (Medium)
 Name Samuel Darkwalker
Political Information
Grand Imperial Order GIO Staff
Netherlands King of Netherlands
Prussia Secretary of State
Austria Ally
Dutch Colonies Commander-In-Chief
Birth History
Country Spain
Date 4/20/1799
Town Barcelona, Spain
Nationality Spanish
Blood Spanish-Dutch
Samuel Darkwalker:" The weak fail; the strong live. "


Samuel Darkwalker is a Noble and Loyal person to Kwagar, he has been Friends with Kwagar since the old days of POTCO, It is his honor to be along side with Kwagar.


Much is known about Samuel Darkwalker, He is however a Regular Human that has been serving the GIO since his early life when he met Kwagar, The Lord of the Underworld, The Eternal Immortal.