The Emperor's FistEdit

Default Constitution Class

USS Retribution-B of Starfleet

The Retribution is the popular name for the various vessels of Venables. There have been four incarnations of the Retribution throughout Venables service to the Grand Imperial Order. 


The Retribution first appeared in the 18th century, it's cover was as a 74 gun, third rate ship of the line in service to the Royal Navy. It was commanded by Admiral Richard Venables and was present at the Battle of Cape Town, during the First Maroon War, where it was blown up by rebel slaves in the heat of the battle.


USS Retribution-C, NCC-991996-C

In the 25th Century, another ship was named the Retribution-B, this however was a Constitution Class Cruiser of Starfleet, which Venables captained during the time after his hybernation. An older class of cruiser, the Retribution nether the less proved a capable and trustworthy ship, which Venables fell in love with dearly. 

Another ship, an Ambassador Class Cruiser, was named the Retribution-C and replaced the retired Retribution-B.

The last ship to be named the Retribution was a small, private yacht like vessel, which was heavily armed and shielded for the transportation of the Emperor. This vessel was destroyed in a fierce warp storm, and the fate of Venables is unknown.


  1. Captain ~ Captain Richard Liethbridge Venables
  2. Executive Officer ~ Commander Mathieu Venables
  3. Chief Engineer ~ Lieutenant Commander Marcus Ironskull
  4. Chief Science Officer ~ Lieutenant Odette D'Vidian
  5. Chief Medical Officer ~
  6. Chief Security Officer ~ Lieutenant Ryan Warhawk
  7. Chief Tactical Officer ~