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Guild Ranks Edit

  1. Cadet
  2. Private
  3. Corporal
  4. Sergeant
  5. Sergeant Major
  6. Lieutenant
  7. Captain
  8. Major
  9. Commander
  10. Jedi General

Leadership Edit

Jedi General Kwagar Ocata Edit

During the time of the Galactic Era, Kwagar Ocata, the Emperor of the Grand Imperial Order decided to his goals would be much better suited if he sided with both of the major factions who at the time we're weakened from the assaults from Zakuul.

He reached out into the galaxy making contact with both the Sith Empire and the Sith Order along with the Galactic Republic and with them the Jedi Order but keeping the fact he aligned himself with both a guarded secret.
Sith Empire and the Sith who rule it in hopes he would be allowed to return. To his surprise he was allowed to with his ranks and titles fully restored.
The Galactic Republic, advised by the Jedi Order were nervous at first but eventually they allowed him to join. He was given permission to find his own Military Corps and was made a Knight in the Jedi Order. He officially made the Jedi General of the Republic Expeditionary Corps.

Members Edit

  1. Jedi General Kwagar Ocata
  2. Major Thocidet
  3. Captain Cato
  4. Captain Dytoneris
  5. Sergeant Venethor
  6. Private Quekshost