Pirates of the Caribbean Online, or "POTCO", is a MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online) based on the Pirates Of the Caribbean movie series. In Pirates Online, players are able to create a customizable pirate, captain a ship, assemble a crew, and play the role of a pirate in the 18th century Caribbean.


The game's story occurs between the first and second Pirates of the Caribbean movies. The player's pirate is a central character in a story involving Jolly Roger and his desire to take over the Caribbean and get revenge against Captain Jack Sparrow for taking his place on the Brethren and causing him to become cursed and undead.

Pirates Online and the Grand Imperial OrderEdit

Pirates of the Caribbean Online was the first and founding game of the GIO. The Grand Imperial Order was created in 2007 by Kwagar Ocata (Captin Kwagar), Hector, and Master Tito. It would become the primary game of the GIO for almost four years.

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