Tiers Edit

For increased efficiency, all military operations (and limited civilian affairs) are to be ranked on a level of 1 to 5 in terms of importance to the Grand Imperial Order as a whole. This may expand to oin branch operations however it does not dictate such branches' value of the operations, only that of the military branch.

Index Edit

The index, as compiled by Supreme Commander Elvenar Irluuk, is to act as a suggestion and point of reference for military leaders when assigning a level of importance to ongoing operations. Index content is merely suggestion and special operations may constitute increases or decreases in tiers.

Tier One Edit

  • Mapping/Exploration of uncharted territories
  • Merchant trading

Tier Two Edit

  • Construction of military assets
  • Intelligence gathering (against friendlies)

Tier Three Edit

  • Diplomatic missions
  • Troop movements (during peace)
  • Reconnaissance (against potential enemies)
  • Recruitment

Tier Four Edit

  • Supply Routes
  • Spying (against enemies)
  • Injured troops' movements
  • Lords' transportation
  • Treasury movements
  • Troop movements (during hostilities)

Tier Five Edit

  • Forsworn missions
  • Emperor's missions
  • Emperor's transportation