Maulax was a former follower of the Grand Imperial Order. Though he no longer directly operates under Emperor Kwagar Ocata, him and several other members of Clan Texla still remain friends of the Empire.

Star Wars: The Old RepublicEdit

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Unofficial Name(s)Edit
  • Maulax
Unofficial Name(s)Edit
  • Maulax


Legacy NameEdit
  • Unknown
Legacy SurnameEdit
  • Unknown

Roleplay InformationEdit

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Maulax was a former Sith Lord, master of the Black Sun Empire. He was introduced to the Grand Imperial Order during the Battle for the Dune Sea on Tatooine. Maulax agreed to create a war-time alliance with the Grand Imperial Order, The Galactic Confederacy, and (Jeff's Guild). After the war was over, Maulax remained loyal to Emperor Kwagar Ocata and vowed to serve him as if he were one of his own. The Black Sun Empire eventually was destroyed, causing Maulax to dedicate himself to the Grand Imperial Order. Maulax soon was named a Darth of the Dark Council. Since the, he has abdicated his position after deciding to become a Mandalorian. Maulax now assists in leading the infamous Clan Texla, but still remained a friend of the Empire until the dawning of the Grand Imperial Reformation. Maulax, along with his Mandalorian aliit are now considered traitors for their actions.