Masqueradeus: "Fear is my greatest weapon. Fear is what paralyzes the masses. Terror, is the foundation upon which people are formed."

Information Edit

Little is known of Masqueradeus, an immense sphere of untraceable history. Throughout the ages, he appears simply to handle his own business, then promptly vanishes as if into thin air.

Personality Edit

Masqueradeus is known to be cold, deceptive, and unforgiving. A capable strategist, as well as a warrior, he is also known to be extensively calculating.

Abilities Edit

Little is known of the full range of abilities, an ever-expanding arsenal that Masqueradeus possesses. An incredibly powerful warrior, once a Knight Of One, that is all that can be known.

Residence Edit

Within the Galactic Era, Masqueradeus requisitioned a Temple on Yavin 4. A highly secure location, Masqueradeus bases his operations out of there, as well as ensures the Temple is at all times prepared as a contingency for the Order should it ever need to seek refuge in the midst of the combat between the Galactic Republic and Sith Empire.