"In the name of His Imperial Majesty, Emperor Kwagar Ocata of Denmark-Norway, your rebellion is defeated and your "nation" has been conquered, and must pay tribute. I am Commander João Silva de Machado. My word is law in this land. You will provide gold and treasure as I see fit. You will provide food, lodging and clean women for my soldiers. You will provide able-bodied men to join my army in the continuing pacification of this land as I see fit. Your people will learn the true faith and receive the blessings therein.
Failure to follow my orders will result in your death and the deaths of your people. Trickery will not be tolerated. For each of my men attacked by your people, I will kill five hundred of yours. For any of my priests attacked by your people, I shall kill five hundred of your priests. If any of you tries to harm my officers or me, I will raze this city to the ground until no two stones stand upon another. I will kill every man, woman and child, feed your flesh to our hounds, and salt the earth so that nothing will ever grow upon this blighted land ever again.
But do not think that you can harm us. For we are gods to you. You have witnessed the power we control. I can call fire from the heavens and smite you to dust. You cannot harm us, but you can try. If you try, you will be punished. Is that understood?"
—Joao Silva de Machado after pacifying a Insurrectionist City in the Kalmar Union Threat

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João Silva de Machado is a member of the Machado Family of Portugal but swore allegiance to the Kingdom of Denmark-Norway and the Grand Imperial Order.

João Silva de Machado more commonly address as Lord Machaco is a Marshal Commander within Grand Imperial Military, and generally runs the day to day operations.

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João Silva de Machado is often viewed as a cold and manipulative person. Often this can be true but he is truly a patriot for his nation and king. He is loyal to those who fight with him on the field of battle. Unlike most leaders, he tends to fight with his soldiers. Often leading the charge.

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Equipment of João Silva de Machado.

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  • Machado Family Axe

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  • Ring: A simple gold ring with a black gem.

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