The Grand Palladin Order believes in a concept known as the "Divinity." The major figures are Wildvane, the fiery spirit from which their will to fight began, Bluehawk, whose wings guide their path, and Roderick, from whom their wisdom and sense of honor are taken from.


  • Sir Mathieu Venables, Grandmaster of the Order
  • Lt. Jane Sarah Fletcher, Second in Command and Lead Medical Officer of the Order
  • Lt. Kwagar Ocata, Second in Command and Lead Recruiter of the Order
  • Lt. Junior Grade Liam William Pond, Third in Command and Lead Training Officer
  • Ensign Mark Ironskull, Fourth in Command and Lead Naval Officer
  • Knight-Palladin Charognard Belemont
  • Knight-Palladin Olivia Venables
  • Knight-Palladin Rhys Venables


  • Grandmaster - Head of all operations and the Commanding Officer of the Order
  • Lieutenant - The Second in Command, and in the absence of the Grandmaster, Stand-in Commanding Officer; Responsible for the recruitment of new members and medical upkeep of personnel
  • Lieutenant Junior Grade - The Third in ECommand, and in the absence of the Grandmaster and the Lieutenant, Stand-in Comanding Officer; Responsible for the training of new recruits
  • Knight-Palladin - The highest honor for enlisted recruits
  • Palladin Mercenary - Basic rank for recruits who have proven their mettle in swordsmanship, two-handed and unarmed combat
  • Palladin Assassin - Basic rank for recruits skilled in the use of concealed weaponry and the "cloak and dagger" style of combat
  • Palladin Archer - Basic Rank for those recruits skilled with the use of all manners of bows, including standard and cross
  • Palladin Spy - Basic rank for recruits with a knack for speechcraft and trickery
  • Palladin Mage - Basic rank for recruit who have a mind for voodoo and magic
  • Palladin Initiate - All recruits start off as this