Founding Document Edit

  • Riza Imperium Era - Founding of the Grand Imperial Order

The Grand Imperial Order as of now is in control of all lands, territories and claims of the once Riza Imperium. Kwagar Ocata shall hence forth be known as ruler of Death, and all of its territories. Riza Ocata, Father of Kwagar Ocata, Morderis Ocata, and Aqueron Ocata is removed from power and sealed within a prison designed for him alone.

The Grand Imperial Order as of now shall change the view of it subjects, and to others out of the Empire to secure a more peaceful way of life.

Creation Edit

The Grand Imperial Order as of now is the supreme authority of the realm of Death. Subjects are under its law.

The Riza Imperium Military is dissolved and reformed into the Grand Imperial Military in combination with the Separatist Union.

All territories of the Riza Imperium are unionized and all territory leaders are removed if they supported Riza Ocata.

Expansion Decree Edit

By order of his Imperial Majesty Emperor Kwagar Ocata, the Grand Imperial Order unlike its predecessor; the Riza Imperium shall expand to other dimension in not a act of war.