Discord Introduction Edit

Discord is a free proprietary VoIP application designed for gaming communities. Discord runs on Mac OS X, Microsoft Windows, Android, iOS, Linux and in a web browser.

History Edit

Developer Hammer & Chisel moved from supporting their mobile MOBA Fates Forever to creating Discord in 2015, releasing in May. Gaining initial support and funding through YouWeb's 9+ incubator, the company then raised funding through Benchmark capital and Tencent. The developers aimed to create a program with low latency communication that incorporated what they considered as the best aspects of other VOIP software such as Skype and Teamspeak.

The service was popularized by eSports and LAN tournament gamers, including popular users on the streaming service and game communities like that of Star Citizen. The company, which shares the same name as the service, was founded by OpenFeint founder Jason Citron, who intends to keep the company independent.

The company raised an additional $20 million USD in funding for the software in January 2016.

Software Edit

The Discord application is designed for use while gaming, including features such as low latency and dedicated server infrastructure, preventing the sharing of IP addresses. As well as voice chat via server rooms, the development team plan to add direct calling between users, video calling, and screen sharing.

While the software itself comes at no cost, the developers are investigating ways to monetize it, with possible options including paid customization options such as emoji or stickers.

Reception Edit

By January 2016 Hammer & Chisel claimed that Discord had been used by 3 million people, with growth of 1 million per month, reaching 11 million users in July that year. In May that year, one year after the software's release, Tom Marks - writing for PC Gamer - described Discord as the best VoIP service available.

GIO Server Edit

Official GIO Server on Discord.