Dxun and Onderon by so1areclipse09

Onderon and its moon, Dxun

B'astan is a Sith Lord who serves the Grand Empire. 


B'astan was born on the planet Onderon, to a wealthy family in the walled city of Iziz. It was apparent even in his infancy that B'astan was strong in the Force, but his parents refused to let the Jedi take him for training in their ways. And so, B'astan remained on Iziz and his life was forever altered.

While B'astan walked the city with his father, they were unkowingly being followed by a beast rider thug. Tailing them home, the man stabbed his father in the back and murdered him before B'astan's eyes in their courtyard. Hearing his screams, his mother came to see what had happened, and the man silenced her as well. As B'astan sat beside his mother's corpse, the thug decided to kill him as well, in order to leave no witnesses behind. Sadistic as he was, this beast rider began to cut out B'astan's eyes, all the while telling him to stop crying. Overcome with grief and pain, B'astan took his first steps to the dark side by releasing a Force Scream, deafening the man and forcing him to lose his grip on the boy. In his rage, B'astan picked up the crude beast rider dagger, already smeared with the blood of his family, and stabbed the man repeatedly until he lay dead at his feet.

B'astan was found by the Iziz paladins the following day, on the brink of death from losing so much blood. They rushed him to the hospital, where a skilled surgeon was able to close the wounds and grant him his sight once again through the use of bionic eyes. When B'astan awoke after the surgery, he saw that Iziz Paladins were waiting outside his hospital room. Reaching into their minds, he could see that they wanted to question him about his parents murder, and the death of the other man. Scared that he would be thrown into jail, B'astan escaped out a window and fled the walled city of Iziz.

The jungles outside the city of Iziz are not safe - even for a seasoned soldier - filled with dark terrors that prey on the weak. B'astan took shelter in tall trees at night, and spent his days crafting crude traps to keep himself safe. Months after his parents' death proved to hone skills in the boy he never knew he had, and he was adept at surviving in the jungle. 


B'astan is a skilled warrior of the Sith, wielding a number of dark side powers to defeat his foes.